A community of many faiths shining as one!


Lighthouse Chapel is a non-denominational interfaith spiritualist church, nestled into a neighborhood on Lansing’s north side. The church’s name speaks to our goal of being a beacon to all who seek to join together in a spiritual community. We welcome all who come in love, and seek to hold space for those seeking to find the Divinity that shines from within.

Services are held each Sunday at 11am at 1501 Windsor Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48906.  They last about an hour and are followed by a chance to get to know the church a little better over coffee after services are held. In a typical service, you will hear invocations to the Archangels, sing a few songs, hear interesting and inspiring speakers on various topics (ranging from Astrology to Healing to the origins of some of today’s best known holidays), witness or receive messages from Spirit, and share a few hugs along the way!

Education is important for us to be able to grow, so it is a big focus during our Sunday services. We also hold intuitive development classes, mediumship classes and spiritual healing classes through the church.

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